Steel U-Channels

Steel U-Channels


The metal U-Channel is a continuous U-shaped metal channel that is widely used in metal rolling. Steel U-Channel adds rigidity and stability to steel structures, and its use significantly increases the load bearing capacity. The black steel U-Channels are made of carbon steel by means of hot rolling. Despite their light weight, black metal U-Channels have a very high durability, they are capable to withstand heavy loads and are being widely used in several branches of steel construction and industry.

Metal U-Channels are used in:

  • steel construction of bridges and columns;
  • steel construction of metal structures
  • metal framing
  • hanging ceilings
  • finishing work.
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U Profili
U Profili

They are also used to build interfloor overlaps and for improvement of bearing metal structures. U-Channels significantly reduce the weight of the steel constructions. Use of high-quality profiles also greatly increases the lifetime of buildings and metal structures, making them safer and more durable. The light weight of black steel U-Channels significantly facilitates their transportation and installation on site. Thanks to their steel structural properties, black metal U-Channels are capable to withstand vertical loads. In steel construction, it is of extreme importance to only use high quality and approved metal materials that have all the required certificates.

IDL GROUP Ltd offers only highest quality steel U-Channels made of ferrous steel (black metal) that meet all European standards and GOST(ГОСТ) requirements. Fast delivery to Latvia, Baltic countries and Europe. For any inquiries, please call us: +371 26 611 151; +371 28 774 774 or send an email to:


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