Tread Plate

Tread Plate


Steel grade: S235

Corrugated metal sheets - corrugated steel sheets. This type of sheet metal is very often used as an anti-slip flooring due to its uneven surface. Black corrugated and galvanized sheets are available. These metal sheets are indispensable in the construction, shipbuilding and aircraft structures. A corrugated sheet of steel provides good mechanical and corrosion resistance, is easy to process, and they also have high resistance to chemicals. Sheets “Teardrop” well withstand mechanical wear. Our company offers high-quality diamond pattern corrugated sheets that have all the necessary certificates of European quality.

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Tread Plate

Teardrop steel plates
Sizes mm
Steel Sheet sizes: thickness, width, height, sheet brand Weight kg/pcs
Tread Sheet 3.0*1500*3000 S235 112
Tread Sheet 3.0*1500*6000 S235 224
Tread Sheet 4.0*1500*3000 S235 149
Tread Sheet 4.0*1500*6000 S235 299
Tread Sheet 5.0*1500*3000 S235 187
Tread Sheet 5.0*1500*6000 S235 374
Tread Sheet 6.0*1500*3000 S235 224
Tread Sheet 6.0*1500*6000 S235 448
Tread Sheet 8.0*1500*3000 S235 299
Tread Sheet 8.0*1500*6000 S235 598
Tread Sheet 10.0*1500*3000 S235 374
Tread Sheet 10.0*1500*6000 S235 747

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