It is challenging to cut metal since often it consists of several variables, which shall be considered. These variables includes metal plates thickness, steel sheets quantity, workpiece material and scope of cutting work. CNC plasma cutting is one of the leading metal cutting technologies. It is pretty fast and is frequently used in the cutting of large volume of black steel plates from a metal sheets.

Features of CNC plasma cutting table -

  • One of the fast ways to cut metal and cut out plates from solid metal pieces (steel sheets);
  • Ability to cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • High precision and ability to cut a complex or nonstandard shape steel parts;

A significant advantage of plasma cutting is its reduced impact operation related to metal workpieces; parts are not deformed by thermal treatment. Plasma cutting is faster and allows cutting large volume of metal, meaning it will save your money due to speed and volume. CNC plasma cutting can be applied to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous steel comparing with the autogenous (gas) cutting.

We make customized CNC plasma machines for your production. We present you our automatic CNC plasma table, with size of working surface of 2x3m., power of 100A, and maximum thickness of cutting metal sheets up to 30mm inclusive. The price includes training and setting operations. We also provide maintenance services for our CNC plasma machines. Please find below the video of CNC plasma machine cutting operation.

Price on request

IDL GROUP offers CNC plasma cutting services for metal details and steel parts of any complexity. We follow deadlines and guarantee the accuracy of the order.

If you need metal cutting, our managers will give you advice and quickly calculate the cost of your request. The most economical, fastest and highest quality metal processing option guaranteed to you. Thanks to of our big steel manufacturing and more than 10 years experience, it is possible to make steel parts, metal constructions with assembly and steel details of any complexity in the shortest time. Cutting prices depend on the type, thickness and volume of the order.


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