Steel Pipes

Steel Pipes


We offer steel rectangular hollow sections (RHS), steel square hollow sections (SHS) and steel circular hollow sections (CHS) which may be used with a wide range of metal products as well as in water and gas pipelines. Made of steel rings or steel rolled sheets, electrically welded black steel pipes are produced by means of direct junction or welding..


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Profile Hollow Sections
Profile Hollow Sections
Circular Hollow Sections
Circular Hollow Sections
Seamless Hollow Sections
Seamless Hollow Sections


Steel Tubes (Pipes) may be used in/for: 

  • steel furniture production;
  • steel fitness equipment;
  • forestry equipment;
  • car industry
  • steel pipelines
  • fences;
  • industrial pipe racks;
  • aqueducts and gas pipelines;
  • heating systems;
  • different steel structures


Metal tubes (pipes) are a very popular construction material. They belong to the ferrous industry and may be divided into 2 categories – special use steel pipes and general use steel pipes. Nowadays, steel hollow sections are one of the most common components in pipeline steel construction and repair. Black steel hollow sections are made of high-quality steel, which is a very durable material having long service life. The advantages of metal pipes are high durability and a low linear temperature expansion coefficient. Steel hollow sections are widely used in internal and external water and gas pipelines, and they also have become an irreplaceable component of hot and cold water supply. Metal hollow sections may be of different shapes: circular, rectangular, square, oval and polygonal.

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