Steel beams

Steel beams


Steel beams are one of the most important construction means available nowadays. Depending on the type of metal they are made of and on the range of use, metal beams are employed in residential and commercial construction, as well as in various steel structures. The most commonly used types are steel double beams, which have several advantages.

  • Durability;
  • Precision;
  • Quality;
  • Simple and Easy Assembly;
  • Stability;
  • Versatility.
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Tērauda sijas
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Tērauda sijas

Hot rolled steel beams are manufactured with parallel flanges. Metal beams are an economical and practical solution used in construction of various structures, roof purlins, as well as in various industries. Black metal beams are employed to increase the rigidity, stability and durability of metal structures. Black steel beams can withstand heavy loads and are widely used in construction of commercial and warehousing facilities, as well as in building skyscrapers, sports stadiums and large warehouses. Steel Beams are suitable for any construction project and for any conditions. The metal structural strength of steel beams depends on such factors as: cross sectional dimensions and shape, size and length, material and joint methods. Metal double beams are some of the most important elements of supporting black metal structures mainly used for folding. The cross section of metal beams is one of the most efficient types of section, which ensures uniform distribution of load.


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