Bent Reinforcement (Rebar)

Bent Reinforcement (Rebar)


Rebar bending steel grade: B500K, B500A

Nowadays, rebar bending are often used in a wide variety of metal and steel constructions, as well as in other steel construction sectors. It is necessary to use bend reinforcement and straight rebars. Rebars may be bent by specialized, certified equipment that use our steel trading company. IDL Group offers rebar bending and rebar cutting services. Our customers receive steel products of the rebar bending with right size, shape, as specified in drafts that client sent first of all. Precision is very important when making steel reinforcement details, reinforcement cutting, rebar frame and other rebar bending products.

Please note that if you need bent rebars, the cost of bending service depends on the complexity of bend rebar, diameter of bend reinforcement and quantity of rebar bending goods. The price for rebar cutting also depends on amount of reinforcement bars, diameter of rebar and how complicated is rebar cutting order.

Fast delivery to Latvia, Baltic countries and Europe. Feel free to send your rebar bending inquiries to our email address:, or call us +371 26 611 151; +371 28 774 774 and our reinforcement steel consultants will be happy to provide you with the best prices for our rebar bending and rebar cutting services.


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