Steel Angle Bar (L-Profile)

Steel Angle Bar (L-Profile)


Steel grade: S235; S355
Length: L-6000mm.; L-12000mm.

L-shaped angle bars is widely used in nearly every building construction. There are two types of steel angle bars: equal and unequal. Metal angle bar have two steel of grade: S235 and S355. The S355 steel grade is more durable and wear-resistant and therefore slightly more expensive compared to the S235 steel grade. Angle bar length is L-6000mm or L-12000mm depends on steel grade of metal material. Steel angle bar is used both in steel load-bearing constructions and both for connecting, covering, strengthening, and decorative finishing of different elements.

Most often the standard quality ferrous metal angle bar is used (mostly metal equal angle bar) - such angle bars are widely used in both high volume and low-rise building construction, apartment repairs, and personal farm plots.

Tērauda sijas
Equal angle bar
Tērauda sijas
Unequal angle bar

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