Cold rolled plate

Cold rolled plate


Steel grade: DC01

What is a cold-rolled sheet? This is a metal product classified as flat products. Low carbon steel is used to make this product.  Cold-rolled sheets are mainly used as workpieces for further production of other types of rolled metal products. 
Large variety of cold-rolled steel sheets makes this material multi-purpose and able to cover surfaces of different forms, change easily its shape and hold its relief.

Cold-rolled flat products are widely used:

in motor vehicle industry for production of various parts;
in electric power industry for production of cases, electrical components, instruments and other elements;
in building industry as surfacing and roofing materials during erection of fabricated steel structures;
shipbuilding and carriage building industry as a material for outside cases;
for production of pipes, vent shafts, air ducts and foil paper.
The most popular size of 1.5 mm cold-rolled steel sheet: 1,250х2,500 mm. The products are manufactured either in packs or coils. Moreover, the minimal width is 1,000 mm and the length varies from 2,000 to 2,500 mm.

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Cold Rolled Plate

Cold Rolled Plate
Sizes mm
Steel Sheet sizes: thickness, width, height, sheet brand Weight kg/pcs
Steel Sheet 0.5*1250*2500 DC01 12.5
Steel Sheet 0.8*1250*2500 DC01 20
Steel Sheet 1.0*1250*2500 DC01 25
Steel Sheet 1.2*1250*2500 DC01 30
Steel Sheet 1.5*1250*2500 DC01 37.5
Steel Sheet 2.0*1250*2500 DC01 50
Steel Sheet 2.5*1250*2500 DC01 62.5
Steel Sheet 3.0*1250*2500 DC01 75
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