Reinforcement Steel (Rebar)

Reinforcement Steel (Rebar)


Rebar steel grade: B500B, A500HW, B500NC, K500B-T, K500C-T
Length: L-6000mm.; L-12000mm.

The reinforcement steel is used in reinforced concrete, and that is used on almost all construction sites and is one of the main steel building materials. Reinforcement and reinforcement steel mesh is used to prevent tensile and cracking in reinforced concrete structures. Steel reinforcement is a very important component of reinforced concrete, as it provides an increase in shrinkage in reinforced concrete structures. More often, elastic reinforcement is used, i.e. rods, welded wire mesh and frames.

The fittings are used in construction:

  • concrete foundations;
  • beams and walls;
  • in road construction;
  • land reclamation;
  • sewers;
  • bridges;
  • in strengthening roadsides and embankments.

The use of high-quality rebars significantly improves the properties of concrete. It is difficult to find a construction site in which reinforcement straight bars is not used. Today rebar is one of the most important building materials used in the field of steel industry. The construction of buildings and structures is impossible without the use of steel fittings. Due to reinforcement bars operational properties and technical specifications, reinforcement steel is universally used in any construction industry.

The selection and purchase of fittings is a very important and responsible task at the stage of preparation for construction. Reliability, strength and durability of buildings directly depend on quality of rebars. According to the profile, the reinforcement is divided into round and smooth rebars. According to the installation method, reinforcement is divided into several types: reinforcing mesh, reinforcing cages, reinforcing details, reinforcement bending, and straight reinforcement. Our company offers both reinforcement in coils, rod and as smooth reinforcement bars.

We offer steel grade B500B, A500HW, B500NC, K500B-T, K500C-T. Upon request, we can deliver steel rebar fittings designed for other regions.

To find out about the best price for rebars, contact our steel specialists by phone +371 26 611 151; +371 28 774 774 or send us a request on e-mail:

Reinforcement bars
Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/m)
Reinforcement bars D-6mm 0.23
Reinforcement bars D-8mm 0.42
Reinforcement bars D-10mm 0.62
Reinforcement bars D-12mm 0.89
Reinforcement bars D-14mm 1.22
Reinforcement bars D-16mm 1.59
Reinforcement bars D-18mm 2.01
Reinforcement bars D-20mm 2.48
Reinforcement bars D-22mm 3.01
Reinforcement bars D-25mm 3.95
Reinforcement bars D-28mm 4.85
Reinforcement bars D-32mm 6.40
Reinforcement bars D-36mm 8.05
Reinforcement bars D-40mm 9.95


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