Rebars in the field of construction go hand in hand with reinforced concrete, which nowadays can be found in nearly all construction objects and is one of the main construction materials. Steel rebars are extremely important component of cast reinforced concrete, because they enable the tension and bending of reinforced concrete constructions and also increases the durability of constructions. More frequently the elastic steel rebars is used, including rebars, welded mesh, and framework.
Rebars are widely used in the:

  • construction of concrete foundations;
  • construction of beams and walls;
  • construction of roads and bridges;
  • reinforcing the embankments and roadsides.

Usage of high quality rebars improves the properties of concrete. Nowadays rebars are one of the most important construction materials used in the field of metal products. It is impossible to imagine buildings or metal constructions where rebars wouldn't be used. Thanks to the good operation characteristics and technical specification rebars are used in all of the construction fields.
Choosing rebars of good quality is a very important and responsible task in the starting phase of construction. Building durability, safety, and service life directly depends on the quality of rebars. Rebars are assorted depending on the profile as round, smooth or ribbed rebars. Our company offers both rebar spools and bars, and both smooth and ribbed rebars.

We offer rebars with steel grade B500B and A500HW. Upon request, we can deliver rebars intended for other regions.

Our specialists will calculate the best prices for you in a short period of time, cut to length, prepare, and load high quality armature (bars/wires), rebar-mesh or bended reinforcement. We are looking forward to your call (+371 26611151) and e-mails


Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/m)
6 0.23
8 0.40
10 0.62
12 0.89
14 1.22
16 1.59
18  2.01 
20  2.48 
22  2.99
25  3.86 
28  4.84 
32  6.32 
36  7.99 
40  9.88 
45 12.49


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