Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


Stainless steel grade: AISI304; AISI316.

Stainless steel length: L-3m., L-4m., L-6m.

Company IDL Group offers a wide range of non-ferrous steel products. One the main products is stainless steel positions.

Our company IDL Group are trading stainless steel positions as:

  • Plates (sheets)
  • Teardrop plates (tear patter, diamond pattern)
  • Flat bars
  • SHS (square hollow section)
  • RHS (rectangular hollow section)
  • CHS (circular hollow section)
  • Round bars
  • Angle bars (L-profile)
  • Square bars
  • Hexagon bars
  • Reinforcement steel (rebar)
  • U channels (U-profile)
  • Beams

Stainless steel consists of metal alloys that are corrosion resistant. In addition to the carbon contained in all types of steel, stainless steel also contains chromium from 12% to 25%. This makes the steel resistant to rust, forming a thin oxide layer on the surface. Most types of stainless steel also contain nickel. Stainless steel is used in the food industry, engineering for the manufacture of knives, automotive parts, stair railings and structures.

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