Reinforcement Mesh

Reinforcement Mesh


Reinforcement (rebar) mesh is an important industrial and construction material, and practically every building nowadays contains reinforcement mesh in it. It is used to increase the durability and quality of building material in brick walls, monolithic buildings, wall finishing etc. The main characteristics of reinforcement mesh are its durability, flexibility and capacity to withhold particles of a certain size. By the means of reinforcement mesh, you can screen out bulk materials, you can also use it to make fencing, to incorporate it into concrete reinforcement, it fits for plastering or to strengthen the shores of water bodies and to implement anti-erosion measures in landscaping.


Where may reinforcement mesh be used?

  • Steel construction of highways, bridges, road repair;
  • Monolithic buildings;
  • Concreting floors in industrial premises;
  • In metal structures where it is necessary to increase the operational service life and durability of an element or the whole structure;
  • For various framings;
  • Fencing in agriculture, suburban areas and for other household purposes.


The Company IDL GROUP Ltd offers the following types of reinforcement mesh:

Diameter: from 3mm to 12mm
Layout: 1х3m, 2х3m, 2.35mх6m
For larger volumes (quantity) we can offer an individual layout.


Reinforcement Mesh
Mesh sizes Square Weight Weight
Reinforcement mesh width length pc/m2 kg/pcs kg/m2
Reinforcement mesh 3*100*100 1,000 3,000 3,00 3,15 1,05
Reinforcement mesh 3*150*1501,0003,0003,002,100,70
Reinforcement mesh 4*100*1001,0003,0003,005,701,90
Reinforcement mesh 4*150*1501,0003,0003,003,811,27
Reinforcement mesh 4*200*2001,0003,0003,003,001,00
Reinforcement mesh 5*100*1001,0003,0003,008,552,85
Reinforcement mesh 5*100*1002,3506,00014,1040,192,85
Reinforcement mesh 5*150*1501,0003,0003,005,851,95
Reinforcement mesh 5*150*1502,3506,00014,1029,192,07
Reinforcement mesh 5*200*2001,0003,0003,004,651,55
Reinforcement mesh 5*200*2002,3506,00014,1021,861,55
Reinforcement mesh 6*100*1001,0003,0003,0012,664,22
Reinforcement mesh 6*100*1002,3506,00014,1063,314,49
Reinforcement mesh 6*150*1501,0003,0003,008,442,81
Reinforcement mesh 6*150*1502,3506,00014,1042,303,00
Reinforcement mesh 6*200*2001,0003,0003,006,662,22
Reinforcement mesh 6*200*2002,3506,00014,1031,872,26
Reinforcement mesh 8*100*1002,3506,00014,10114,078,09
Reinforcement mesh 8*150*1503,0006,00018,0095,945,33
Reinforcement mesh 8*150*1502,3506,00014,1076,005,39
Reinforcement mesh 8*200*2002,3506,00014,1057,114,05
Reinforcement mesh 10*100*1002,3506,00014,10176,8112,54
Reinforcement mesh 10*150*1502,3506,00014,10117,888,36
Reinforcement mesh 10*200*2002,3506,00014,1088,416,27
Reinforcement mesh 12*100*1002,3506,00014,10253,1017,95
Reinforcement mesh 12*150*1502,3506,00014,10168,9211,98
Reinforcement mesh 12*200*2002,3506,00014,10126,628,98


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