Metal Constructions

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Metal constructions are used in all types of buildings and structures, and also in various equipment and their details - from technical premises and hangars to industrial and public buildings, and also in manufacturing equipment. Any metal construction is unique; they differ by the manufacturing method, usage, size, and configuration. Multiple methods for manufacturing metal constructions exist such as welding, forging, casting, etc. Nowadays the metal constructions are one of the most popular types of constructions, because their main advantage is the speed. In a short period of time building is constructed with parameters that rival those of concrete constructions. We offer metal constructions for farms, cattle-sheds, warehouses and stores, garages, canopies, hangars, and other buildings and equipment. Our experienced designers will calculate the optimal parameters and develop the technical project of the metal constructions, taking into account all the client's requirements. To learn more about the best solutions for the requirements of your construction, contact our specialists!


Steel Pipes

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We offer RHS (round hollow sections) and SHS (square hollow sections) for the manufacturing of both various application consumer goods and both for equipping water and gas pipelines. Manufactured from steel links or sheet rolling, electrically welded steel pipes are prepared using the straight joint formation or welding. It's hard to imagine a field of industry where steel pipes aren't used. Pipes are manufactured from different types of steel or from steel alloys. Cross-section of pipes can be in various shapes: round, rectangular, square, oval or even polygonal. Steel pipes with round profile are called cylindrical pipes, but pipes with any other profile are called profile pipes. Nowadays steel pipes are widely used in various fields of industry, for example, for transporting liquids, assembling metal constructions, hiding communication lines. Steel pipes are very durable; they preserve their properties in high temperature and pressure conditions. This makes pipes an irreplaceable and important element of the system for transporting gases or liquids under high pressure.

Outer Diameter (D) mm Thickness (T) mm Weight (Kg/m)
26.9 3.2 1.89
33.7 2.6 1.99
33.7 3.2 2.42
33.7 4.0 2.94
42.4 3.2 3.09
42.4 4.0 3.79


Steel Beams

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Steel beams are one of the main constructive elements in the ferrous metal industry. Cross-section of steel beams is similar to "H" shape and is considered as the safest and profitable, because the load is distributed most evenly specifically in this cross-sectional shape. Usage of H-beams in construction works began in the beginning of 20th century. Nowadays the steel beams are an integral part of any metal construction. Main advantages of the steel beams are high durability and the ability to withstand high loads. From the functional viewpoint steel beams are the main load-bearing element for the covering. Steel beams are the most important element during the assembly process of a new foundation. Moreover beams are necessary for improving old foundations, industrial walls, and living premises. Steel beams are an irreplaceable and important material in the construction of bridges, communication lines and various other constructions. Diversity, durability and reliability have made steel beams the most widespread and necessary element in any construction site.

HEA Height Width Thickness w Thickness f Weight kg/m
100 96 100 5 8 17,1
120 114 120 5 8 20,4
140 133 140 5.5 8.5 25,2
160 152 160 6 9 31,1
180 171 180 6 9.5 36,3
200 190 200 6.5 10 43,2



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Structural channel is one of the standard structural profiles used in ferrous metal industry. Cross-section of the channel reminds of letter U. Channel is also used as decorative element for covering communications or guides in moving constructions. Rounded edges and equal thickness is characteristic to the U-channel. Channels can be used to convert standard steel sheets into a functional product that can be used in various stages of the construction. U-channels are frequently used as support construction in the construction and automotive industries. Overlaps between floors and improvements in load-bearing constructions are constructed using the U-channels. They are also used in the construction of bridges and columns. U-channels have multiple advantages: resistance against deformation and ability to withstand large loads. П-channels are frequently used in important facilities where higher quality metal is required. Our company offers high quality U-channels that correspond to all standards.

U-channels / П-channels Dimensions, mm Weight, kg/m
  h b s t
6,5П 65 36 4,4 7,2 5,9
80 40 4,5 7,4 7,05
10П 100 46 4,5 7 8,59
12П 120 52 4,8 7,8 10,4
14П 140 58 4,9 8,1 12,3


Steel Sheets

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Steel sheets are one of the main materials used in metal rolling. Shapes of any difficulty can be cut from steel sheets. Nowadays steel sheets are one of the most demanded products of metal rolling - they are used both for decorative purposes (production of enclosures, fences, roof coverings, building design decoration) and both for creating building constructions. Steel sheets can be cold-rolled and hot-rolled depending on the manufacturing method. Very popular are the steel sheets from stainless steel; they can be treated easily and they have increased corrosion resistance. Frequently the perforated sheets are used. Our company cuts steel sheets in the required size, making round, square or rectangular parts. In separate cases we can offer steel sheet bending on individual request. Thickness of steel sheets ranges from 0,5 mm to 150 mm.

Thickness, mm Width, mm Length, mm Weight m2/kg
1,5 1250 2500 11,79
2 1250 2500 18,75
2,5 1250 2500 19,65
3 1250 2500 23,57
3,5 1250 2500 27,49
4 1500 6000 31,41
5 1500 6000 39,27



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Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a building, in the construction of which rebars hadn't been used, therefore rebars can be treated as fundamental material used in the metal industry. Mostly the hot-rolled rebars are used, which are distinguished by the high quality of manufacturing. Steel rebars are widely used in the construction of steel constructions, by increasing the durability and preventing the chance of collapsing over time. Rebars do not allow the foundations of the building to fall in and increases the durability of load-bearing walls. Multiple types of rebars exist, which are divided according to the usage type, for example: structural rebars, distribution rebars, fastening rebars. Our company offers high quality rebars for reinforcing works and constructing AIII class reinforced concrete constructions. We also provide delivery to any location in Latvia, unloading of goods, and all the necessary certificates and declarations.

Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/m)


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Since 2012 the IDL GROUP Ltd. is increasing the regular customer circle, extends the list of offered production and includes new services and business directions. We offer metal from European and CIS countries, deliver stainless steel, aluminium, and manufacture constructions of any difficulty.

Have you ever thought about what metal is and what place does it take in your life? Look around you and think more about it. Imagine that you are descending down the stairs forged from metal; the surrounding house constructions are constructed from steel; outside the house are cars, children playgrounds, street lighting poles, benches, fences - all built using metal. Company "IDL Group" offers this high quality metal to you. Our wide assortment of production includes items starting from ferrous metals to stainless steel and metal constructions.

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Steel construction for CSDD 2018-03-14 02:03:54

Produced steel construction for new CSDD based at Jelgava.  Were used  a variety of steel positions: Sheets, Beams, U-Profiles, Flats,  L profiles, RHS. 

Reinforcement from stainless steel 2018-01-31 04:01:59


Reinforcement batch made of stainless steel with a diameter of 16mm and 20mm.




Steel columns from RHS 2018-01-05 10:01:18

Prepared columns for a building at Jelgava. Steel colums were made from RHS: 140х140х6, 150х150х6, 100х80х4, 180х180х6. RHS were welded with 12 mm thick steel plates.

Structural Steel Tube (RHS) 2017-12-22 11:12:16

RHS from black steel are cuted to a 45 degree angle and prepared for installation on the building pla

IPE 360, UPE 360, IPE 330, IPE 500. 2017-12-15 10:12:22

Large size steel beams and U profiles, were delivered  to the construction site outside of Riga. We delivered the following positions: IPE 360, UPE 360, IPE 330, IPE 500.

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