U-channel is a continuous steel channel with U-shaped cut, which is widely used in metal rolling. U-channel provides additional rigidity and stability to the constructions, usage of the U-channel significantly increases the load bearing. Channels are manufactured from carbon steel with hot-rolling methods. Despite the low weight U-channels have very high durability and ability to withstand high loads; thanks to these properties U-channels are widely used in different construction types and industries.

U-channels are widely used in:

  • construction of bridges and columns:

  • construction of metal constructions;

  • creating frames;

  • creating suspended ceilings;

  • finishing works.

U-channels are used for creating overlaps between floors, for improving the load-bearing constructions. Usage of U-channels significantly decreases the weight of constructions. High quality channels significantly extend the service life of buildings and constructions, by making them safer and more durable. The small weight of channels substantially facilitates their transportation and assembly on site. The structural properties of the channels allow them to withstand vertical loads. 
It is important to use in construction only tested materials with high quality that have all the necessary certificates.

IDL Group Ltd. offers only quality U-channels, which are manufactured from stainless steel and correspond to all European standards and GOST requirements, also providing fast delivery throughout entire territory of Latvia. If you have any questions, please call us +371 26611151 or write to

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